British man barred from leaving Sri Lanka after wife died on honeymoon from ‘food poisoning’


A grieving husband whose wife died on their honeymoon from suspected food poisoning has been banned from leaving Sri Lanka by police.

Khilan Chandaria, 33, and his partner Usheila Patel, 31, both fell ill during a five-star hotel stay in the coastal city of Galle and were rushed to hospital.

His wife was later pronounced dead and a devastated Mr Chandaria cannot leave until more tests are performed – despite not being charged or arrested.

He told The Sun: ‘The authorities are not treating me as a culprit but aren’t treating me like a victim either. I don’t want to leave without her.

‘I still talk to Usheila at night when I look at the stars. She was supposed to be with me for the rest of our lives.’

Mrs Patel’s parents said: ‘Two healthy newlyweds left for their honeymoon and days later our beautiful daughter has left us. From cloud nine to a living hell. Just want to see our beloved daughter one last time.’

The couple married in Brent, North London, on April 14, before travelling to Sri Lanka for a two-week, £6,600 trip.

At a £100-a-night hotel the pair drank Sprites with vodka in them – bought at Heathrow airport – and shared a sandwich and chips.

Mr Chandaria also recalled noticing a ‘smell’ in their room.

The pair both felt sick shortly after, with Mr Chandaria saying he and his wife were ‘feverish and vomiting blood’.

The couple phoned for help at around 3am and three staff came with a wheelchair before the newly weds were rushed to Co-operative Hospital, according to Mr Chandaria.

His massage therapist wife was then transported to the city’s Karapitiya hospital.

Phone shop manager Mr Chandaria said a post-mortem showed his wife had died from dehydration and vomiting.

While previous reviews of the hotel mention food poisoning, a spokesperson for the hotel told the publication it was recognised for its food safety last month.

He confirmed the couple dined inside and added that other items they ‘obtained from outside and consumed’ have been given to investigators.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: ‘We are supporting the family of a British woman who has died in Sri Lanka… and are in contact with the Sri Lankan authorities.’