Court allows to detain youth arrested with passes & map to Parliament


Balangoda Court has granted permission to detain and further interrogate the youth, who was arrested while in possession of a rough map of the road to the Parliament, 06 Parliament passes and a cab.

Balangoda Police had carried out a search at the said youth’s house acting on a tip-off received by them and discovered a tablet device, 03 mobile phones, 13 SIM cards, 02 T-56 bullets, and several credit cards at the house.

Police had deployed a Police Canine named ‘Toga’ to look for any presence of explosives within the house and the cab.

Although no explosives were found, the back of the cab had been covered with a metal sheet allowing a space of about 4 inches between the bottom of the cab and the sheet.

The owner of the cab has been revealed to be a resident of Ampara and the arrested youth is a 26-year-old working in a restaurant in Kollupitiya.

The arrested suspect was presented before the Balangoda Magistrate yesterday (25).