Speaker and TNA leader issue special statements on Easter Day attacks


Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya says that he has “invited the attention of the Parliament with regard to the urgent action needed in response to the unexpected explosions affecting life and property” in several places in the country.”

He stated this issuing a statement concerning the Easter Sunday attacks that caused 207 casualties today (21).

“It is clear that this situation is not a calamity suffered by any one community or religious group but a calamity affecting out motherland and all Sri Lankans bonded by a common brotherhood,” the Speaker has said.

He appealed to all the citizens to join unitedly as one nation, without any religious or communal divisions and in the name of humanity to face this calamity.

He further stated that the “brutal forcer responsible for such cruel attacks” can be eradicated from the country through unity.

Meanwhile, Leader of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian R. Sampanthan, issuing a statement, had urged the President and the Prime Minister to take all necessary steps to identify the perpetrators of the explosions and to bring them before the law.

He further called upon Sri Lankans to “come together and stand in solidarity with those who have lost their loved ones in these cowardly and tragic attacks”.

He stated that people should stay together and strong so that the extremists will not be able to take the country backwards.