Hanaa Singer calls on Opposition Leader


The UN resident coordinator in Sri Lanka, Hanaa Singer, paid a courtesy call to the Leader of the Opposition, Mahinda Rajapaksa last evening (03).

Singer stated that she is a strong believer of south-north cooperation and said that Sri Lanka would be a great role model as she has set a great example in achieving the SDGs set out by the UN.

They also discussed the current political environment of Sri Lanka. The postponement of the provincial council elections for over a year was pointed out by the Leader of the Opposition. He mentioned that the government seemed to have no intention of holding the long-overdue elections.

Singer asked the Leader of the Opposition regarding his vision for the future of Sri Lanka, to which he responded that two key issues that needed immediate attention would be the economy and reconciliation. He was of the view that with discipline and leadership a suitable solution could be found for both issues.