April 01st is the day of those who still smoke – ADIC


The Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC) that the daily expense spent on cigarettes in Sri Lanka is Rs 400 million.

ADIC points out that the current price of a cigarette is Rs 65 and if a person smokes 3 cigarettes per day, that person burns through Rs 200 a day.

Issuing a release, the ADIC says that if a person adds to this loss of Rs 400 million even by Rs 65, that person is spending the money which could be used for family and economic development on cigarettes; thereby making other countries richer through the tobacco industry.

Although nearly 4 to 5 decades ago, smoking cigarettes were glamorized and was considered a trend, the situation is completely different now; nobody considers smoking cigarettes to be a trend anymore, says ADIC.

The release further says that 01st of April, usually known as the “April Fool’s Day”, should be reserved for those who still smoke despite economic, social and health repercussions.