‘Raththaran’ submits letter of resignation


Former Southern Provincial Councilor Krishantha Pushpakumara alias ‘Raththaran’ has submitted his letter of resignation from the post the Southern Province Governor.

Southern Province Governor Keerthi Tennakoon stated that Pushpakumara submitted the relevant document last evening (18).

In the wake of him being arrested for allegedly committing serious sexual abuse against a 16-year-old school girl, Pushpakumara stated that he will resign from his post as a Southern Provincial Councilor and from all political activities.

Addressing the media on the matter he has stated that he will stand by this decision until he is cleared of the allegations against him.

Southern Provincial Councilor Krishantha Pushpakumara, also known as ‘Raththaran’, was arrested on the 28th of February for allegedly committing serious sexual abuse against a minor, and was granted bail later in the day, on two sureties, each worth Rs 500,000, and a cash bail of Rs 25,000.