2 pistols found buried at Wedikande Kasun’s garden


Police officers have recovered two pistols buried in the garden of a house owned by the suspected criminal gang leader Kasun Dhananjaya, alias ‘Wedikande Kasun’, who was arrested in Wattala over the robbery of gems and a diamond worth Rs 7 billion.

Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said that the two firearms were found based on information uncovered following the interrogation of the suspect Kelum Indika Sampath, alias ‘Kewuma’.

Kewuma, a resident of Pitigala, was arrested on Tuesday (5) along with a diamond valued at around Rs 5 billion believed to have been stolen in Pannipitiya last year.

On 05th November 2018, a group dressed in police uniforms and casual clothing had forcibly entered the house of a gem businessman in Erawwala, Pannitpitiya.

They had assaulted the house owner and stolen a diamond and several valuable gemstones valued at around Rs 7 billion.

Reportedly, a foreigner who had arrived at the house to purchase gems had also been abducted by the suspects and abandoned in the Maharagama area.

The Mirihana Special Crimes Division arrested a 38-year-old suspect from Matara named Thusitha Maduranga alias ‘Matara Malli’ on December 02 in connection with the robbery.

On February 19, police arrested another suspect, who is believed to be an accomplice of notorious underworld figure ‘Makandure Madush’.

Kirayadurage Kasun Dhananjaya alias ‘Wedikande Kasun’ was arrested at his residence in Wedikanda, Wattala.

Police arrested two other suspects on March 01 in connection with aiding and abetting the robbery.